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Sure, this seems to be too good to be true. I mean it has to cost something right? Ultimately, SHC does make money but we make our money from the organizations who need your services. Still not sure? Check out what other psychiatry groups are saying!


At UBHS, we provide both traditional outpatient psychiatry services in our offices as well as providing state-of-the-art Telemedicine services to clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and many more. We have partnered with Smart House Calls for over two years and continue to be excited about the contracts and experience they provide. 


Thank you!

Mike Coleman



Georgia Behavioral Health

Georgia Behavioral Health is working to becoming one of Georgia's best and largest psychiatry providers. Our partnership with Smart House Calls continues to be a strategic imperative to be successful in that endeavor. 

As they bring organizations to our doorstep, we have the ability to fill our psychiatrists' schedules while also decreasing overhead. 

Partnering with them truly is win-win.


Santiago COO

Georgia Behavioral Health


Click picture to see how Telemedicine saved baby Malea
Highland Rivers

Highland Rivers Health values an integrated system of care approach to service delivery where the individual and their family are at the core of the decision making process. We partnered with Smart House Calls to further our ability to work with exceptional psychiatrists and other behavioral health clinicians. 

Their innovative approach and organizational experience is a significant asset to Highland Rivers staff and the patients we serve. 


Melanie, CEO

Highland Rivers Health

​SHC Telepsych​ Less is more.

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