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We handle the hassles.  ​

You treat your patients. 


Have you noticed

how well large telepsychiatry companies are doing?


Have you ever thought what it would be like to have your own large telepsychiatry company and build a team with your closest colleagues? What if there was a company that could help you build that dream and deliver large mental health center and hospital contracts. One that could grow to become a significant asset . . .

Grow and Thrive

Smart House Calls is talking with psychiatry practices who are looking to try something 

a little different; actually building a telemedicine business that builds significant equity while clinicians actually spend time with patients rather than dealing with all of the bureaucracy. SHC is contracting with hospital systems, rural centers, and large national organizations that need quality psychiatrists to see patients using SHC’s telepsychiatry software. No additional overhead. No hassles. No worries.



Smart House Calls' executives have deep industry knowledge in telemedicine, business developemnt, marketing, and clinical practice. It is a unique mix that assures your company will receive the most comprehensive approach to engaging patients and the clinicians who treat them.

​SHC Telepsych​ Less is more.

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